Leasing a horse from Still Waters Farm provides an opportunity for you to build confidence, improve balance and increase overall horsemanship skills.  

Practice - The more time you spend practicing your riding the better rider you become. Leasing at our farm - gives you plenty of time to:

  • ask lots of questions
  • push your comfort zone
  • try new things
  • work hard

Leasing is good for any rider 10 and up.  It includes immediate family members. 

The cost of a lease is $150 per month.  It includes 3 days per week of riding.   

Still Waters Farm is responsible for board, farrier, and vet.  

We can provide a saddle and bridle.

Lessons are an additional fee. 

Must be in lessons or agree to a minimum of 4 lessons. 

$15 per half hour instruction with a contract of lease.

Horses must remain at Still Waters Farm, LLC.

This will help you experience the responsibilities of horse ownership without the full cost of ownership.  

You will improve your confidence and horse handling.

Horses For Lease

Not sure if horse ownership is right for you

leasing is a great option


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General Riding Services  

Classes/Instruction - private $30/hr/rider - 

Horse Camps $125-$150

If you're in our riding program we can include trail riding.

Under North Carolina law, there is no liability for an injury to or death of a participant in an agritourism activity conducted at this agritourism location if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of the agritourism activity. Inherent risks of agritourism activities include, among others, risks of injury inherent to land, equipment, and animals, as well as the potential for you to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to your injury or death. You are assuming the risk of participating in this agritourism activity.'

We believe that the horseback rider/owner has to have a good foundation to build a great partnership with the horse. We can help increase your knowledge and improve your skills.  Understanding how or why this behavior is happening.  Learn how to become a better horse person.

All horse interaction from the ground to the saddle sets the stage for your success to build a respectful relationship while mounted.

When you’ve learned horseback riding safety and proficiency in the outdoor arena, horseback riding lessons can then move to trails accessible directly from the barn.

Tell us your goals and we will work together at your individual pace to meet them.


Full board - grain and hay twice a day, turnout, clean stalls $300/month

                   arena, round pen, trails.

Pasture board- hay, water  $150 (no grain)

Pasture board- hay, water, grain twice daily $200

currently no stall open - waiting list for pasture board

Overnights Welcome stall - turn out