We believe that the horseback rider/owner has to have a good foundation to build a great partnership with the horse.

All horse interaction from the ground to the saddle sets the stage for you to build a respectful relationship.

When you’ve learned horseback riding safety and proficiency in the outdoor arena, horseback riding lessons can then move to trails accessible directly from the barn.

Tell us your goals and we will work together at your individual pace to meet them.


  Horses can be difficult to handle at or in 

  certain situations.  Sometimes you just

  need some more hands on training to get 

  past those difficult times.


  Spooky objects

  Ground Manners
  Trail Riding Obstacles
  Basic and Advanced riding
             Ask, and we can help


Full board - grain and hay twice a day, turnout, clean stalls $300/month

                   arena, round pen, trails.

Pasture board- hay, water  $150 (no grain)

Pasture board- hay, water, grain twice daily $200

currently one stall open - waiting list for pasture board

Overnights Welcome stall - turnout

General Riding Services  

Horse Camps $125-$150

Classes/Instruction - private $30/hr/rider - Semi private $20/hr/rider