Leasing a horse from Still Waters Farm provides an opportunity for you to build confidence, improve balance and increase overall horsemanship skills.  

Practice - The more time you spend practicing your riding the better rider you become. Leasing at our farm - gives you plenty of time to:

  • ask lots of questions
  • push your comfort zone
  • try new things
  • work hard

Leasing is good for any rider 10 and up.  It includes immediate family members. 

The cost of a lease is $150 per month.  It includes 3 days per week of riding.   

Still Waters Farm is responsible for board, farrier, and vet.  

We can provide a saddle and bridle.

Lessons are an additional fee. 

Must be in lessons or agree to a minimum of 4 lessons. 

$15 per half hour instruction with a contract of lease.

Horses must remain at Still Waters Farm, LLC.

This will help you experience the responsibilities of horse ownership without the full cost of ownership.  

You will improve your confidence and horse handling.

AQHA mare  - $1800

She needs a rider with confidence to be the leader.

She is a great horse and is looking for a partner.


Straight Gin Peppy 4081109

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leasing is a great option

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