Through participation in our Equine Assisted Learning leadership programs, individuals will learn to:

  • Make choices and take actions based on courage and awareness

         verses automatic, ‘learned’ responses.

  • Build trust in relationships and teams.
  • Develop skills to work through uncomfortable, emotionally charged situations.
  • Move from conflict into resolution and agreement more quickly.
  • Face fears and learn new behaviors to gain confidence and respect.
  • Experience breakthroughs that increase understanding of emotional reaction.
  • Expand cohesiveness and productivity within teams and partnerships.

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Leadership Skills 


Team Building

9:00 am-3:00 pm

includes lunch

$100 per participant  3-5   participants

$75   per participant  6-10 participants  

Our interactive experiential leadership and team development programs are designed to strengthen the skills needed for leaders and team members to be more effective, self-aware, and accountable. We offer workshops and private sessions that utilize hands-on experience with horses to create organizational success.